Dienstag, 27. November 2012

Anemone (English)

ANEMONE – House in the traditional Valais style

State-of-the-art renovated house (2012) in the traditional Valais style for four people.

Two bedrooms (one double bed, two single beds), bathroom with shower and toilet, and wardrobe on the ground floor.

Living room, dining room, and kitchen with ceramic-glass stove, oven, and dish washer on the top floor.

On the arrival day, the house will be readied by 2 PM.

Location: Ernen / Ausserbirn (Binntalstrasse)
Coordinates: N 4622.917 E8 8.88
Access: Car, public transport
Parking space: In front of the house
Bus stop: In front of the house

In addition, the house is equipped with garden chairs, dishes, silverware, cooking utensils, bed linens, TV / Radio. Internet / WLAN is available upon request.

Lessor: Kiosk Geschenke Burgener
Fam. Julier / Burgener
3984 Fiesch
+41 27 971 4012
+41 79 234 0434

Price on request.

* To be paid at the tourist office Ernen

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  1. Bonjour,
    j'aimerais savoir quels disponibilités vous avez en Août et si 1 chien est accepté (petit de 3 kg calme et propre) e personne pour 3 -4 jours si possible. Merci de me répondre car je ne trouve pas le moyen de contacter les adresse de info@geschenk-kiosk.ch
    www.geschenk-kiosk.ch amicalement, Renée Gasser http://envie2.be/ ou